A lifestyle? Who knew?

Policymic, which says of itself that it is a site for "next generation news and politics" has run two articles in the last week that are actually take a critical look at the effects of bias against fat. The first one, "Can Fat People Be Healthy?" concludes:

whatever view you take of the relationship between obesity, genetics, and our environment, it's abundantly clear that weight gain is far more complex an issue than we often assume. By itself, extra body fat isn't necessarily unhealthy and getting rid of it isn't just a matter of self control. These are important points to keep in mind as we learn more about weight regulation and try to keep ourselves healthy as a matter of policy. 

Good statement. And then come the comments, which are less vitriolic than usually follow anything even remotely supporting body acceptance or HAES, but still we have the whole obesity as a choice thing. And this from the very first comment:

Obesity is not just an irrational lifestyle choice

Oh my god -- someone forgot to give me the memo on my weight being a lifestyle choice. Because who in their right mind would want to pass up the opportunity to be the target of vicious verbal attacks, bias even among health care providers, having to pay more for all kinds of things from clothing to health insurance, just to cite a few of the many "benefits" of this "lifestyle". Oyyyyyy!